KVGVM has a vision to break the vicious cycle of poverty and social isolation and to restore hope for a better future. We think that it is the right of every person to use resources and opportunities in order to survive and progress with dignity and to become an successful and contributing member of society.


It doesn’t matter whether the institute is large one or small one, but its motto carried a great weight age. The motto of our institution is “From Darkness to Light” means we are keeping the students to lead towards the light of education from the darkness of illiteracy.

About Us

Kai. Vanjibaba Gramin Vikas Mandal, Chalisgaon was established in 2001. It is actively working in agriculture and educational field. It also aims at developing/shaping the hidden talent skills of students making them confident – for success. The institution initiated education in technology, commerce and computer field which are job oriented and vital for self employment for this, polytechnic college has been run by the institution. Keeping in mind the changing demand of time, the institution aims at making work – dedicated engineers, teachers, good citizens for the development of the country.

Today we are facing cut throat competition in almost all the fields and educational field is hot an exception for this. It is the desire of every parent that his ward should highly educate and should get a good job, for this to be always in search of a good educational institute. Our institution which used to be a plant now had become a banyan tree and the society is enjoying its splendid shadow. The institution is working hard to prove itself I the fields like technology, sports, research and cultural programs. The institution promised quality education and working for the multi-dimensional personality development of the students.

Chalisgaon is an important city in the North Maharashtra in education and trading fields. To impart education, Kai. Vanjibaba Gramin Vikas Mandal has invited and now it has become an educational and cultural movement. The aim of the institution is to imbibe moral valued in students. The institution in named after Late. Vanjibaba, who in spite of less- educated, had great concern for education.

Objectives of the organization:

  • Basically the organization is established for the rural development.
  • The main purpose of the society is to provide quality education to the remote and rural areas of the district.
  • The organization has been working in various sensitive issues of human life like women and child development, physically disable development, widow & orphan care and development since its opening.
  • Similarly the society has been projecting various schemes for minimizing unemployment from rural areas.
  • In addition the organization has been implementing various social programmes in society like dawry bann, medical camps, training for various forces, celebrating national festivals, running centers for entrepreneurship development, training to farmers, etc.

Features / Characteristics of the Institution:

  • To impart education in the rural area.
  • Personality development of the students.
  • To imbibe moral values in the would be teachers.
  • To set up harmony between traditional and modern knowledge education.
  • To spread social – awareness.
  • To utilize modern technology on large scale.
  • To aware people about social evils, problems like – population, pollution, illiteracy, superstition, water importance, AIDS and morality.

About FoSTaC

Food Safety Training & Certification (FoSTaC) is a large scale training programme of Food Safety & Standard Authority of India initiated with the aim to spread education and raise awareness on Food Safety & Standards Act, Rules & Regulation among food business operators.


Raising the bar of food safety in the country by:

  • Creating an improved environment os self-compliance to FSS Act, Rules and Regulations by the responsible Food Businesses.
  • Bringing a behavioural change and inculcating a culture of Food Safety in the country.

Food Safety Courses

Classroom Training Course

Online FoSTaC Courses


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